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Welcome to Minnix High Tech Water Ozone Solutions!

Minnix High Tech Water Ozone Solutions has been a leader in developing, designing and installing water treatment solutions for a variety of applications and industries for over 30 years. We produce cost-effective and user-friendly water treatment systems capable of producing antiseptic or sterilized water.

Partnering with one of Indiana’s leading veterinarians, Dr. Dale Hendrickson, we have taken the nearly 100-year old technology of ozone (O3) infusion to a new level of technological prominence and efficiency. Using a cold-spark corona discharge to generate ozone, we utilize loop redundancy to infuse ozone through our patented high velocity injectors. This significantly extends the half-life of ozone making more applications possible than ever before. We work with our clients to implement custom designed solutions to their unique needs.

We are proud to count satisfied customers in North America and around the world. When it comes to ozone usage, we set the standard that others must follow!